Three girls, not ordinary vampires, recruited by spellbinders to fight darkness. Embracing the Renaissance spirit, they resist immortality, catching rivals' attention in the battle against tyrants and shadowy organizations. Brought to you by AKME COMICS and KJ STUDIOS.


Comic Book


Adult Coloring Book

Immerse yourself in a whimsical realm of enchantment with an adult coloring book that showcases adorable, youthful fairies. Delicate and intricate illustrations depict their innocence and beauty. Let your creativity take flight as you infuse vibrant hues into each page, which includes black and white as well as greyscale pages that you can bring these endearing characters to life in a tapestry of color and imagination. 8x11 Brought to you by ASHE CREATIONS and KJ STUDIOS.



Adult Coloring Book

The second book in the series builds upon the enchanting world of youthful fairies, offering a fresh canvas for your creative expression. These endearing characters return to captivate your imagination with their unique charm, ready to be brought to life through your artistic talents. Dive into the pages of this sequel, where intricate illustrations await your colorful interpretation, ensuring a continuation of the magical journey initiated in the first book. 8x11 Brought to you by ASHE CREATIONS and KJ STUDIOS.



The prevailing myth within the martial arts community revolves around the notion that traditional and sports karate inherently equate to effective self-defense skills. This misconception is fueled by marketing strategies that often emphasize the aesthetic beauty of techniques, discipline, and competitive prowess. Traditional martial arts, rooted in cultural heritage and philosophy, are often presented as complete systems for personal protection. Similarly, sports karate, with its dynamic and engaging competitions, may lead practitioners to believe that their tournament success directly translates to real-world self-defense proficiency. However, the stark reality is that the controlled environment of a dojo or a sports competition does not mirror the chaotic and unpredictable nature of street confrontations. The myth perpetuates an incomplete understanding of the nuances required for effective self-defense, highlighting the need for a paradigm shift and a more realistic approach in self protection. Published by KJ STUDIOS

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