Kofi Johnson Studios is your all-in-one partner for transforming your children's book into a captivating work of art that resonates with young minds. Our extensive services cover not only the creation and branding of your book but also extend to producing books, films, and audio books. We're dedicated to making your creative journey seamless and rewarding.

Services Offered:

  1. Illustration: Our talented team brings your story to life with vivid illustrations, ensuring that every page captures the essence of your characters and the world they inhabit.

  2. Marketing Material: We craft compelling marketing materials such as posters, flyers, bookmarks, and a dynamic 30-second animated book trailer, engaging your audience and sparking curiosity.

  3. Formatting and Printing: With expertise in publishing, we handle the technical aspects of formatting and setting up your book for print, making it available through prominent platforms like Amazon.

  4. Website Creation: A customized website featuring a store allows readers to easily purchase your book directly, establishing a strong online presence.

  5. Book, Film, and Audio Production: Our capabilities extend beyond books. We produce books, films, and audio books, offering a comprehensive suite of creative content for diverse audiences.

The Process:

Our collaborative approach ensures that your creative vision is realized. The process involves:

  1. Character Development: We work closely with you to craft memorable characters and captivating settings, aligning with your unique vision.

  2. Illustration: Our team meticulously creates stunning illustrations, ensuring your approval for each page.

  3. Marketing Materials: We design eye-catching promotional materials and a dynamic animated book trailer to generate excitement.

  4. Publication and Distribution: We handle the technical aspects of formatting for print, and setting up your book for a wide readership.

  5. Comprehensive Creativity: Beyond books, we also produce engaging book trailers and audio books, expanding the reach of your storytelling.

At Kofi Johnson Studios, we offer an exceptional package that includes all these services, creating a seamless experience from concept to distribution. Our commitment to fostering creativity is matched by our passion for producing high-quality creative works across various mediums.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you bring your children's book to life and explore the diverse creative possibilities that await.

We believe in the power of imagination and strive to bring out the unique creativity in every project we undertake.




We are committed to delivering high-quality illustrations and marketing materials that exceed your expectations.

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