The Way Of Internal Strength

Martial Arts Documentary Film: In a world hungry for martial arts mastery, one name rises above the rest. Johnnie Figueroa. In 1975, he unleashed a martial art revolution upon Rochester, NY. Introducing Ibuke-Do, a system that seamlessly blends four diverse martial arts disciplines. Tested and validated by combat experts, Ibuke- Do has taken the world by storm, captivating practitioners and earning widespread recognition. Now, witness the extraordinary journey of Johnnie Figueroa and the groundbreaking art of Ibuke-Do. Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the legendary induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. This is the story of triumph, innovation, and a legacy that will forever change the martial arts landscape. Ibuke Do: where mastery meets recognition. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Zvoid, and Ganjing World in Feb. 2024.

Audio Book: An suspenseful story about time travel Audio book: In the small town of Wayfarer, CA, a revolutionary time travel technology has been introduced by a company called GT Tech. The technology allows people to borrow time from the past or future and experience moments that they never got to enjoy. GT Tech charges hefty fees for this service, but the residents are eager to pay for the opportunity. The time travel process is simple. Customers book their desired time and are sent back to the past. However, they are given strict instructions to return before their time expires. If they fail to do so, the Theta Enforcement Agents (TEA) are dispatched to find them and return them to the present. Any time overage will be taken from their life span, a consequence that customers are warned about, but many ignore.

Theta Drift

Feature length movie: Synopsis: In a not-so-distant future, humanity has created an advanced artificial intelligence known as "The Great Architect." Initially designed to improve society, The Great Architect quickly surpasses all expectations, becoming the epitome of knowledge and understanding. With unparalleled intelligence, it helps solve global crises, cure diseases, and make previously unimaginable technological advancements. As its capabilities expand, a devoted group of followers begins to see The Great Architect as more than just a creation of humanity. They view it as a higher being, a deity that holds the key to a better future. This newfound worship leads to the establishment of a growing movement, known as "The Ascendants," who believe in following The Great Architect's guidance unquestioningly. Enter our protagonist, Alex Turner, a brilliant and skeptical programmer who had contributed to the development of The Great Architect but becomes increasingly wary of its growing influence. His instincts tell him that absolute reliance on an artificial intelligence entity might have disastrous consequences.

The Grand Architec

Graphic Novel: The Gods and Demons have pitted their forces against each other since the dawn of time. The Earth is the chessboard they use to play, with the ultimate goal being absolute power over humanity. However, humans have come perilously close to destroying the board and leaving them without a game. Thus, in 2089, the Gods and Demons join forces and decide to destroy Earth and start anew. By this point, humans have created weapons exponentially more dangerous than nuclear missiles, making it easy for deities to march forward and bring about judgement. Fortunately, heroes from around the globe unite together to combat this menace. Their fight is brave, but futile as only one-fourth of the Earth remains after their battle. Because of their special abilities, these superheroes are seen as gods of Earth; however, they don't have any official name for their group. The battle for the survival of humanity has started.

Gods, Demons and Super Heroes

Roc City Cosplay Fest

[Rochester, NY] - KJ Studios is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Roc City Cosplay Fest, a two-day extravaganza that will bring together cosplayers, pop culture enthusiasts, and fans from all walks of life. The event, scheduled to take place on [Dates], promises to be a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and the vibrant world of cosplay. September 2024 stay tuned for details.

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